I have a not so secret.  My life is messy.  I have two boys under two, so it’s crazy messy.    Everything is sticky and must be wiped down once a day.  There are fingerprints and random smudges on anything lower than three feet.   If I mess up and leave a water bottle or coffee cup within reach of the toddler, it’s on the floor within seconds – it is his super power.  If I take my eyes off him for a second to change the babies diaper or (gasp) answer a phone call, he’s flushed something big or climbed to the top of the bookcase and torn out the pages to the novel that I’ve been working on the last chapter for weeks.    Life with a toddler is crazy and pretty soon I’m going to have two terrors.

So I’m pretty thankful that companies like Gerber are looking out for us moms of toddlers.  Gerber’s new Smart Flow™ spouts on Gerber’s Grabbers Pouches are a mom win.   The spouts were designed to give tiny hands big control which means more sips, less oops and less cleanup.  You can find Gerber Grabbers Pouches at your local Kroger and grab coupons here.   With flavors like Apple Mango Strawberry, Apple Sweet Potato or Banana Blueberry, the pickiest toddler will be pleased.  Each flavor has a customized spout to adjust for just the right flow!   Gerber’s Pouches have two fruit or veggie servings per pouch that you know your cutie will get in his belly, not all over your new rug!

More nutrition AND less mess? That’s a win at our house! Go on, give the Smart Flow™ spout a try and see for yourself.

Thank you, Gerber  for this fun partnership and thank you for designing a product with moms in mind.  We truly appreciate it!   For coupons and more details, check out Gerber’s website.