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I’m Amber and I love my family. I met Matthew years ago on a tiny Caribbean Island and it’s been charming chaos since.  We have three kids; Piper (10) Oli (almost 2) and Milo (7 months).  Matthew is a cartographer and I’m a photographer.

We are a beach loving adventurous family until the mosquitos start attacking or the kids start whining.  Then we are nerds!  Star Wars, The Beatles, board games,  Harry Potter, action figures, comic books,  Minecraft,  Bob Marley,  Pokemon, and Doctor Who – complete unapologetic nerds.

Parenting philosophy here – raising happy healthy good people.

Why Faust Island?  Faust is our last name and the island is because we met on a Caribbean Island and now live on a Carolina Island.   Superficial maybe, but it’s catchy.  I like catchy.

What is the Purpose of this blog? The original intent was to simply stay in touch with far away family & friends. Now it’s become a creative outlet for me, I enjoy blogging about my sweet family.

This is our life, well at least the part we feel like sharing.

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If you have any questions, comments, or just wanna say hello:
email me at amber@faustisland.com or find my media kit here. 
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