“You must learn to let go. Release the stress. You were never in control anyway.”  ― Steve Maraboli

Tomorrow is Stress Awareness Day!  Stress happens, there is no stopping it.  There are however, plenty of ways to deal with it.

Some of my favorite way to deal with stress;

  • Get physical.  Go for a hike. Take a yoga class.
  • Read a book.  Books are such a wonderful form of escapism.
  • Get more sleep.  I feel better after a good nights sleep.
  • Talk to someone.  Sometimes it helps to say things out loud to people who understand.
  • Learn to say no.  I get overwhelmed.  Learning to say no helps with keeping your stress under control.
  • Relaxation techniques.  I prefer baths! Long luxurious baths without loud toddlers.

My favorite adult bath products to help with stress reduction

Aveda Cooling Balancing Blue Oil 

This oil is my favorite migraine stress relieving remedy.  It works extremely fast and with the rollerball, you can toss it in your pocket.

Lavender and Vanilla Bodywash

This bodywash is marked for sleep, but it’s honestly just a really light relaxing scent.  I love it.

Ice Roller Face Massager

Megan from PIPMEGAN got me hooked on this one.  It’s so nice and takes the stress from your day away.  It’s also nice to wake up with.

Luxurious Bath Pillow

Honestly what is a relaxing bath without a luxurious bath pillow?  This is the one I’m loving right now.

The Best Bathrobe

I bought this bathrobe for Matt and he’s honestly never gotten to use it, I keep it on rotation.  The hoodie part is perfect for my hair.  He may get a new one from me for Christmas.

Spa Headband

This headband is so perfect if you have alot of hair like me.  It keeps your hair out of the bath but lays it flat so it’s more comfortable.

Sleep Silk Mask

I wasn’t a believer in the 100% silk sleep masks until Disney gave us one at the Disney Creator Days.  Now I’m a firm believer of these wonderful masks.

Aromatherapy Natural Soy Candle

I don’t do many scented candles.  They tend to give me headaches, but this one is really nice.

Babyfoot Peels

These are so weird.  It’s like a bag that you wear around your feet for 20 minutes.  Then in about a week, your feet peel off like crazy.  But you are left with the softest feet ever.  I love Kbeauty sometimes.

Epson Salt Soak

Can you do a bath round up without Dr. Teal?  These wonderful bath salts are a staple.

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Enjoy your bath!


Bonus 17 – Watch Schitt’s Creek on Netflix.  It’s so funny.


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