Every adorable mommy blogger I follow is blogging on blog goals for 2017.  I’m still a newbie blogger.  I’ve started several blogs and fallen off the blogger wagon quite a few times.  I had Love Photographs Beautifully for a while and I loved my tumblr Salty Kisses, but neither are me now.  This blog is me now.

So I think my blogging goals for 2017 and hopefully forever more, is to simply blog.  I started this blog as an outlet on a whim.   I talk to babies all day, I have stuff to say dammit.    I’m stubborn and opinionated and these babies are sick of me ranting about nonsense.  Oli just wants to talk about the sun and moon and Milo laughs when I sneeze.   I wish Piper could skip school and indulge my need to talk about silly subjects, but that’s pretty selfish.

Things I want to blog about –

  • Parenting and raising good little citizens.
  • Kid’s fashion, eventually mom fashion when I finish losing this baby weight.
  • Living greener.  I’m working on it every day.
  • I keep being told to keep politics off my mommy blog, but dammit politics are on my mind so it will sneak on here occasionally.
  • Family Life
  • Music Music Music
  • Cartoons
  • Doctor Who’s new companion
  • Photography – I love taking photos.
  • Food.  I love to eat.


I hope your 2017 is amazing!   PS this romper from Chipmunk and Company is amazing! 

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