I’m a busy mom with three kids, cute husband, too many houseplants and a stubborn old cat named Dumpling.    She doesn’t ask for much.  She enjoys a clean litter box, fresh water and a lap occasionally and on her schedule.   Honestly she comes last on the hierarchy at our house because she asks for so little.  Some days we don’t see her at all but we all adore her.    We make sure she visits the vet often, has her nails trimmed, and give her all the love she can stand.

Loving her includes feeding her the best.   Hill’s Science Diet® is what your Veterinarian feeds her pets.  Hill’s Science Diet Cat Food is healthy and helps with gentle digestion for easy litter box clean-up.  Hill’s Science Diet is made of natural ingredients plus vitamins, minerals and amino acids with no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives.    Clinically proven antioxidants help keep my pet healthy. I feel good feeding our cat Hill’s Science Diet.    We have recently switched to the Active Longevity formula for adult cats over 7 years (49 in cat years?  Is that how this works?).    She really enjoys the chicken recipe, and I love that it’s made with natural ingredients.

Back to my busy mom status, it’s real y’all.  I’m always running around chasing my family and their needs.   Amazon has made shopping for my cat easier with Subscribe and Save.   A regular shipment of cat food appears at my door every month, like magic.   I save money and don’t have to grab a heavy 16 pound cat food while chasing babies around the pet food store.  Win / Win!!!    You save 5% as soon as you sign up for Subscribe and Save.   If you sign up for 5 items, you will save 15%.   I love that Amazon sends me reminders and I can pause or cancel Subscribe and Save at any time.

We are so impressed with Hill’s Science Diet Active Longevity dry food, we just ordered a case of the Hill’s Science Diet wet food.   I’ll keep you updated if she loves it too!


Find out more about Hill’s Science Diet for you favorite cate here.    And don’t worry my dog owner friends, Hill’s Science Diet has you covered too, find out more here.