My daughter Piper is entering the 6th grade this year,  it’s fresh new and exciting.  I’m terrified of her attending middle school but I’m pressing on and prepping for her success.   Piper is a smart kid.  She’s consistently read above her grade level in English while attending class in Mandarin and she has kicked some serious science fair butt.  The one big school tip I like to give to other parents is the importance of setting up an after school routine.  Your routine should be tailored around your child, but this is what works for us.   Feel free to flip it around and reverse it for your cute little scholar!

First things first, snacktime.  Last year Piper’s school lunch was at 11am and she got home from school around 4pm.  That’s a long time to go without food for a growing kid.   Piper enjoys fruit and Goldfish® Snacks.    Goldfish® Snacks are always baked with real cheese and have no artificial flavors or preservatives.  The colors from Goldfish are found in plants, not created by a mad scientist.  Goldfish baked with Whole Grain Cheddar has 12 grams of Whole Grains per serving.  You can seriously feel good about giving this to your child as a snack.  

During her after school snack, she normally gives me the details of her school day.  I sincerely hope this continues as she gets older.  It makes me feel good that she can talk to me about anything.  

After her Goldfish snack, it’s time to get down to business and get her homework done.   Television and video games stay off until her homework is done.  It was all electronics but her homework is getting more complicated as she gets older and often needs help from her iPad or computer.   We have a quiet organized desk in her room with all of her supplies ready to go,  With two little brothers, it has become more of an adventure keeping them quiet for her to concentrate.  But I’ve found making it book time for the boys helps.     I try to stay close by in case she needs help with anything, or an extra fractions lesson.  I’m the math and english tutor in our house.  Dad has social studies and science covered.    

Piper needed help with organization, she’s a wild kid.  So we have a planner for home as well as a school planner and she has gotten in the habit of taking a photo of her homework assignments on the school chalkboard.   We’ve lucked out in the past with great teachers who regularly email updates and have open channels of communication and have found this invaluable in Piper’s school success.  Don’t be afraid to email your child’s teacher if you have any questions!  

Playtime!  After all of their homework is done, playtime is essential.  Piper plays sports and computer games.   She also ride’s her bicycle around our neighborhood with her friends.  This downtime is such an important part of her day and she deserves every minute.  
Sleep, this blog is about after school routines but I can’t not mention the importance of sleep in your child’s back to school success.  8 – 10 hours is optimal.  Their adorable little brains can’t function well with a lack of sleep.  

Thank you Goldfish® for this fun partnership!    And Best Wishes on a Successful School Year Friends!  

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