This post was sponsored by Amazon, but all opinions are always my own.  

Alexa, make my life easier.

I’m a busy mom of three and a wife to a firefighter who is gone often.  So it’s just me vs. three wild children most nights. I was curious to see if Alexa could make my wild life easier.   

Typical afternoons include some sort of sports activity for the big kid and then distracting the little kids for long enough for me to make dinner.  So my challenge to Alexa was to help me make my evenings solo parenting easier.

Straight out of the box, Alexa can do an impressive amount of things.  She can play your favorite music, tell you the weather and order anything you need from Amazon.   But Skills are where Alexa becomes your personal assistant. She’s not just a speaker like I previously thought.  She’s the ultimate life hack.

Alexa Skills are apps that work with your Amazon device.  We have the original Echo, but Skills also work on the Amazon Echo Dot, the Echo Show and any Alexa enabled device.  I actually just put the Echo Show on my shopping list, it would be awesome in the kitchen when you need to see the playroom.   There is a huge constantly growing library of Alexa skills. My recent favorites are ‘Start Nagging Me, Calm Now & Chop Chop. These three are so good for crazy evenings with my three.     

Start Nagging Me is the perfect skill to help you get out the door fast.  My daughter Piper is the late kid for every single sport she does. I feel so bad about it, but now I tell Alexa to “Start Nagging Me” and set a timer.  We all get out the door fast and she makes it to tennis on time.

Calm Now is my new best friend.  It gives my wild pre-schooler fun activities to do while I make dinner.  It’s so hard to make dinner with a kid constantly begging for attention. Now all I have to do is chop the veggies while Oli and Milo jump on one foot while singing silly songs.   Alexa win!

I’ve always wanted to learn more about cooking, and my knife skills are atrocious.  Gordon Ramsey would kick me out of the kitchen before I got through my first vegetable.  Chop Chop tells you the proper way to cut everything from apples to zucchini.

Alexa is constantly learning new things to make your life easier, in fact all you have to say to her is ‘Alexa, make my life easier! and she will work through ways to make your life easier with you.

Now it’s your turn, ask Alexa to make your life easier!   Learn more here.