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The three little pigs is a wonderful fairy tale, do you remember it?  Three brother pigs each choose a different material to build their home.  Pig brother number one built his home quickly from straw.  Pig brother number two also built his home quickly but from sticks.   Pig brother number three took his time and built his beautiful home from bricks.   When the big bad wolf came around he easily blew through the poorly made homes but could not blow over the well made home.

This German fairy tale has been passed down from generation to generation to teach the wonderful lesson of hard work and time pays off in the end.    This is how I feel about Amazon Handmade.   Beautiful craftsmen and women from all around the world put their talents to work and build wonderful goods from the best materials.   These goods make amazing gifts for your loved ones.   Handmade items are heirloom items.  They will be passed down to your children and their children, much like a beautiful fairy tale.

The babies have so many toys and are incredibly hard to buy presents.  That’s why I chose something with a special meaning to us, our favorite bedtime story.    This three little pig puzzle from Fairy Forest Lodge on Amazon Handmade is beautifully made with such attention to detail.  Fairy Forest Lodge’s mission is to infect you with our love of fairy tales and folk patterns.  This Waldorf inspired toy will  teach them Physical skills – from holding puzzle pieces and turning them until they fit,  Cognitive skills – as they solve the problems of a puzzle, and Emotional skills – they learn patience and are rewarded when they complete the puzzle or finish the game.    I love learning toys with special meanings.

Amazon Handmade has a gift for every special person on your shopping list.   The categories are broken down to make it an easy hassle free process.   Many of the artisans have free shipping through Amazon Prime.   I personally like the meet the makers section of the website, it’s so cool to learn about who made your gift.

Other great reasons to shop Amazon Handmade.

  • You can find a diverse selection of giftable and customizable items on Amazon Handmade. In fact, more than 50% of Amazon Handmade’s selection is customizable and made-to-order.
  • Amazon Handmade brings the same Amazon experience and convenience we love, including Prime two-day shipping.  Everything customers love about Amazon to the world of handmade items.
  • You can find handcrafted, unique gifts all while supporting small businesses at the same time from Amazon Handmade.

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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays Friends.