I’ve promised this to a certain group of sweet ladies for a while.  This is how I photograph those super white photos!

You will need:

  • Cute kid
  • Window
  • Reflector or White Poster board
  • Camera
  • Eames Chair (optional)
  • Editing Program with highlights & shadows sliders.
  • Prop (optional)

This is so easy and such a beautifully simple photo.  It’s seriously my go to with brandrepping.

Pregame – Put your camera in Raw mode.  I don’t shoot jpeg often because I like bright happy photographs.  This raw mode makes editing a breeze.  Place your chair where you have a large amount of light shining through the window and have your reflector within reaching distance.

Game – And I do mean game.  Make this a game for your child, make it fun and playful.  The minute it becomes a chore, it will show in your photograph.  Put your cute baby in front of a window.   I use an Eames style white chair because Oli is wild, this chair keeps him in one place and it bounces light into the shadows.   You can find them at thrift shops or Amazon for super cheap.  Then put a reflector or a simple white poster board directly in front of him to bounce the light back onto his face.  Remember that game with mirrors as a child, try to bounce the light right into his eyes.    Then I take a few snaps with my camera.  In this example, I used my Canon 6d with a 50mm L lens.   I overexpose about 2 stops to the right.   I then toss him a prop, think simple prop that will get his attention and match your photo.  Food is always a winner in our house.  A well placed simple prop can make a photo.  More than one prop can kill a photo.  Keep this look simple!    I snap about 20 photos while he’s playing until he gets bored.  Then I’m done.  I’ve learned if you do more than that, he will be reluctant next time you put him in the chair to take photos (Photographers Kid Syndrome is real y’all).

Postgame – When I get a chance, I pull the photos into Adobe Photoshop using Adobe Camera Raw.  Most editing programs have shadows and highlights sliders, even the basic Instagram editing tools include it.  Highlights are usually defined as the brightest area in a photo. A shadow is defined as the darkest area of a photo.   I love shadows and highlights, in my more personal photos I prefer the moodiness of the shadows.  For this tutorial I pull both the highlights and shadow sliders to the right.   When shooting in Jpeg the camera edits your photograph for you.  Remember you shot this in raw, so you will need to make some basic edits to color clarity sharpness and luminosity.




Let me know if you have any other quick tutorial requests or questions in the comments.  img_4464

Oli’s banana onesie is from the Freshly Picked Warehouse sale.  And the cute Kindness is My Jam tee is from That’s Life Tee (Use the code STYLINKIDS for 20% off their cute selection.