Piper is going into middle school this year!  My sweet firstborn is growing up so fast!    Kid’s today are growing up with so much wonderful technology!  So now as we are shopping for pencils and backpacks, we also have to look for Desktops, Laptops, Tablets, Printers, Headphones, Software, Fancy Calculators and so much more.   While I’m so happy scientists are developing awesome learning tools for our wonderful kiddos, WOW it adds up fast.

The two main pieces of technology we had to buy this year for Piper was a new printer and headphones.    Piper is a science fair champ, she works on wonderful science projects year round.  She has charts and information plastered on her wall at all times.    Typing her information and charts rather than writing it helps her stay neat and organized.  Which moms can fully appreciate!    She’s also become a bit of a list maker.   Now she can quickly type her own lists and follow through on fun projects.    Piper also has been in Chinese Immersion school since First Grade and listens to quite a few Mandarin audio books and apps.  Mandarin is a hard language to learn as a second language and requires sensitive ear.   Quality headphones that have great sound quality but are also comfortable are a must for language classes.

These two items could have easily cost us 200 dollars, but we shopped at Walmart.com for Back to School and had it delivered for only 150 dollars.

We went with the:

Canon PIXMA MX490 Wireless Office All-in-One Printer/Copier/Scanner/Fax Machine  – Originally 60, we got it for 49.00 at Walmart.com.    I’m a Canon photographer, so I was naturally drawn to the Canon name brand.   Then after reading the reviews and seeing the price tag, I was sold.

Beats EP On-Ear Headphones were originally 129.00 dollars and are 99 dollars at Walmart.com.   I just watched the HBO documentary about Dr. Dre and Beats, so I was already pretty curious about the sound quality.  The reviews on Walmart.com were phenomenal.  We decided after her kicking butt in Mandarin for so many years, she definitely deserved such a great pair of headphones.   The bonus for me is that I no longer have to listen to that sleepy boring song that plays while she builds Minecraft Worlds.

Walmart doesn’t only have great prices on technology for back to school, the entire Back To School Rollback Page is pretty impressive!

Save some money on back to school friends, Shop Walmart.com!