We’ve had the best summer.  Summer of 2017 is going down as the best summer ever.  But our summer free of routines, sleeping in and adventure is over.  School has started and we are not morning people, so we need to plan ahead to have a successful fall transition.

Plan Ahead: Start your new routine a few weeks before school starts, especially for kids that like to sleep late like mine. There will be some rude awakenings (literally) if you try to jump into a new schedule on the first day of school. Try to ease your children into the new routine at least a week or two before school starts.  Start inching bedtimes back to the right time and waking up a few minutes earlier every day.  This is your dry run, your practice mornings.   This also gives you a better idea of how long your morning routine will take.

Anything that doesn’t have to be in the morning should be done the previous night. The overall goal is to teach your children good habits for a smooth morning routine.


Getting dressed: Have them lay out their clothes or school uniforms in the evening; Remember to put shoes and backpacks near the door as well.

Breakfast DIY: Set out cereals and bowls for kids to self-serve in the morning fast and easy.


Homework Check: Doing an after-dinner homework check will ensure you won’t have any middle-of-the-night or morning panics based on incomplete assignments or lost books.  We check my daughters agenda book every night after dinner.  


Lunches: If your children bring a lunch to school, make them together as a family on school nights.   We’ve made this step even easier by changing to Lunchables Organic!  Lunchables Organic are the perfect compromise to help my daughter eat lunch at school.  She’s not a cafeteria kid, picky little schoolgirl.                                                       


Lunchables Organic is USDA certified organic and free of artificial preservatives, flavors or colors*.  


The Lunchables Organic kits are fun. They DIY Pizza kits are great for picky children like mine.  Piper can go easy on the tomato sauce and heavy on the cheese.  Her own personal pizza at school.   


It’s such a relief to have pleasant school mornings.  Sending my child off to school in a pleasant mood, ready for learning and with an organic lunch combination, it helps me have a great day too.    


You should check out Lunchables Organic here.  Find them at your nearest grocer now!  


* See back panel of any Organic Lunchables item for ingredients used to preserve quality.


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