This holiday season, like the rest of 2016,  has been a bummer this year.    The only reason I plan on remembering 2016 is because of sweet baby Milo.  The rest will be locked in a box and pushed to the back of hippocampus vault forever more.   I still miss you David Bowie.

First the UPS driver arrived with the gift (that I blew all of Piper’s Christmas budget) at the same time Piper got off the bus.  The driver handed Piper her gift with the logo all over the box.   Her Christmas surprise ruined.  Later that night, she asked me not to write Santa’s name on the card.  Big fat tears welled up in my eyes.  My baby doesn’t believe any more.

Then our tree trip which is normally magical was a bust.  I worked really hard picking out adorable matching outfits with visions of the perfect trip to the farm at golden hour.  After forcing the kids into the car for what was really only a 45 minute trip, seemed like an eternity because Milo cried the entire trip, we arrived at the tree farm to find them sold out for the year.   It was December 11th, I’m from the south and you don’t buy your tree before that or it will dry up like a zombie tree.  SOLD OUT.  Seriously I was devastated.  I have this sweet tradition of sawing off the bottom of the stump and turning it into an ornament with the year on it.  We won’t even have a 2016 now.  So we ended up at Lowe’s with a fake tree.

I don’t know why I had such high hopes for our mall santa trip.  And honestly I think it was the most successful of our Christmas events this year so far.    I had the cutest striped outfits picked out for the boys, and skinny Oli’s pants wouldn’t stay up so I scratched that and put the boys in pajamas.  The closest Santa with a real beard to us is in Georgia, so we packed up the kids and drove to the Macy’s in Savannah.   Oli is very social, so I didn’t think he would be the kid who freaked out.  Boy was I wrong.  Santa smiled at him and he started crying.  And like the millions of great parents before us, we forced him to sit near the most terrifying monster in the world for a photo.  Scroll all the way down for the photo, its a good one.

Matthew and I just laughed, great parenting right here folks.  We failed to realize until we got to the Savannah mall, that this was Oli’s first trip to the mall.  So we decided to put all of the other stuff out of our head and introduce Oli to typical American Mall goodness; people watching, giant ride on toys, food courts with free samples, and hide and seek clearance racks.  It was actually a lot of fun.

We have a long trip up North next week and are in planning mode to make it successful.  We are loading up phones and iPads with Christmas movies, cleanup kit packed and ready to go, snacks snacks and more snacks, what am I forgetting?   Happy Holidays y’all, bah humbug!

Oli & Milo’s pajamas are from Inspired Apparel, their deer rompers are from Trendy Green Baby.  Bibs from Billy Bibs & Acme Baby.  Boots from Weesqueak.