The beach is always a good idea, right?  Wrong!   As a photographer, I’ve done hundreds of successful cake smashes.  As a mom, I’ve done none, Milo’s beach cake smash was literally & figuratively a mess.  We have houseguests in town from Ohio, so we have our air-conditioner set way low.  So bringing my camera outside from the arctic interior of my home caused some crazy condensation and fogging of my lens.   Then we got to the beach as a storm rolled in and the sky went from pretty blue to dark.  Oh and sand and cake icing, delicious?    But I will cherish my sweet Milo’s first cake smash photos forever.

Happy Birthday My Little Milo!

I’m a photographer, so I thought I’d give you my top three cake smash tips.    Cake Smash Sessions are so much fun.  Make it your own, if your baby likes pancakes, avocado or watermelon – feel free to substitute for the cake.  My friend Kristyn is about to turn 30, she wants to do a dirty thirty cake smash while she’s in town next month!   Cleanup photos from a cake smash can be just as cute.   If you don’t have a beach to clean up in, think about a washtub for a bubble bath or a pretty sink bath!

  1. Let your child have cake a week before, or at least see a cake.  Some children are terrified by cakes, they will be familiar with cake enough to move past the exploration phase and they can get excited about it like the rest of us!  Excited about cake makes the best photos!
  2. Incorporate a few personal items or props from their first birthday party.  Don’t go overboard with props, you don’t want to distract from your cute baby.  But a few details will enhance the photoshoot.
  3. Avoid chocolate, it doesn’t make a cute photo.



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