Suns out!  Funs out!  We are summer lovers here!   Summer is our favorite time of the year!   There are backyard barbecues, beach days, and long walks at 8pm because the sun doesn’t set until 9!      I am from Texas, so the summer heat doesn’t really bother me.  But we have to be careful with the little kids and heat.  So I partnered with Jolly Llama Sorbet and Cream Pops to give you a few tips to help make your summer even better!   Don’t let the weather ruin your best summer ever!!


  1.  Sunblock y’all!   I know I’ve blogged extensively about sunblock before but please apply and reapply sunblock to those cute kids and yourself!    Apply sunscreen to all exposed parts at least fifteen minutes before leaving home, apply it yourself to encourage children if they are fussy. Ask a dermatologist to recommend a brand of sunblock according to your child’s skin needs.
  2. Extra sleep!  Summer is draining.   Being exposed to the sun all day makes your child more tired, they lose body fluids faster through sweat, which leaves them fatigue and restless.   Encourage an earlier bedtime and naps throughout the day.  My big kid questioned naps, so I told her how cool and European it is to nap after lunch.    Greek and Spanish cultures have it figured out, siestas forever!
  3. Hydrate Hydrate Hydrate!   In the summer hydration is so important.   An adult should drink approximately 8 glasses of water a day, but a small percentage of us can honestly admit to following this statistic. Children need 5-8  glasses of water.  Water is tasteless and boring and the furthest thing a child wants to have, even if they are thirsty you will often find yourself forcing your child to do so. Try alternate means of quenching their thirst. Instead of milk or cereal for breakfast offer your child a freshly made juice or make a smoothie with your child!    

Another fun way to hydrate during the summer is a frozen treat!  Jolly Llama Sorbet and Cream Pops are our favorite frozen treat.  Jolly Llama Sorbet and Cream Pops are made with whole fruit and none of the junk!  Jolly Llama Sorbet and Cream Pops don’t use any GMOs, dyes, artificial flavors or high fructose anything.   Since real fruit is bursting with color, why would you ever need to add dyes? Jolly Llama believe in letting the real fruit that makes their Sorbet and Cream Pops speak for themselves.  Enjoy sorbet that doesn’t need color enhancement.  With cool, mouthwatering flavors like Banana Coconut, Mango, Blackberry, Pineapple Coconut Cream, Seasalt Caramel, Strawberry Sorbet, Raspberry Sorbet, and Mint Chocolate Cream, there is something for your entire family!

Sun’s Out, Yum’s Out!   Jolly Llama and Summer go together like, well… Jolly Llama and Summer!

Beat the Heat with this Summer Treat!  

Purchase locations can be found at  But we were happy to find them at our local Walmart.  Healthy treats that are widely available is a win!

This post was sponsored by Jolly Llama Sorbet and Cream Pops but all opinions are mine.    I just really love summer treats without any of the unnecessary junk.