This post is sponsored by Johnson and Johnson but all opinions are my own!  

“She believed she could, so she did.” RS Grey

Piper is my firstborn.  She is my practice pancake.  She is my only girl. She is my partner is crime. She is my strong willed, wild daughter. She is an avid sailor, an artist, a tennis player, a soccer girl, a homework procrastinator and so much more.  She is so many things. The main thing I’d like her to be is a believer. I need her to believe in herself because she is wonderful.

Sports help kids gain this belief in themselves, this confidence, this self esteem!  I’ve written often about my desire to keep the kids in sports activities. Sports teach so many things beyond the rules of the game.  Kids learn teamwork, to rise and overcome challenges, to set goals, leadership, healthy habits and so much more. There are so many benefits to organized sports for your children!

Johnson & Johnson understands all of these benefits to sports. Johnson & Johnson, the U.S. Soccer Federation, and the U.S. Soccer Foundation are teaming up to provide the next generation of female leaders with the inspiration and support they need to pursue their dreams.

Johnson & Johnson is supporting the next generation of female leaders on and off the field by working with the U.S. Soccer Foundation to create the ‘Because She Can’ Innovation Fund. And we can help!  Your support helps give thousands of girls access to soccer programs. Together, we can help her reach those goals. Because she can.

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How is your first aid kit looking?  Was your family eager to run outside as soon as spring hit?  I may have dove into our first aid kit a little hard with my blisters from the cute spring sandals.  But the kids helped out plenty with nonstop cuts and scrapes. It was looking a bit bare. We’ve stocked up on trusted Johnson & Johnson Bandaids and Neosporin!

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Thank you Johnsons & Johnsons for this amazing partnership opportunity!