The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.

Saint Augustine

We love to travel, I’ve lived in the Caribbean and the Mediterranean.   Matthew and I met in the Virgin Islands while we were both having a wild adventure.   We’ve climbed mountains, swam with sea lions, and sailed in regattas.   We moved to Hilton Head Island for our daughter Piper to go to real school.   Our roots are growing, but our travel itch is still there.   So the next step for me logically is to learn to travel blog.  It’s exponentially more difficult because we have a middle school schedule, soccer games, and two toddlers in tow but it’s not impossible.    Recently we’ve done our first real travel blog for Go RVing and it was so much fun.  I’m hooked.  We have a couple more trips in the near future planned.  

We are going for it, winging it mostly but we did do a few essential steps that you MUST do to become a travel blogger – three to be exact!

How do I become a travel blogger?

  1.  PASSPORTS!  Get those travel documents in order.  We were recently up for a campaign in Costa Rica (dream campaign) and couldn’t move forward because the babies did not have passports.  My heart broke, it’s better now but for a few days I was super bummed.   Travel Bloggers need to be Boy Scout ready.  You can be offered a trip that leaves in two weeks, seriously.   Passports are so easy too.  Most local United States Post Offices also process passports.   So get those birth certificates and tiny awful drugstore photos ready, and head to your nearest Post Office.   Bonus points if you stop by the state department website and print out the forms first!   September is Passport Awareness Month and there are passport pop ups happening all over the country.
  2. Blog about your home town.  This is so simple.  You don’t need a budget or even much extra work.  Dig through your hard drive and post on fun things that happen in your home town.   I did Hilton Head Island here.    It was a fun simple post on 15 things to do in my home town.  It gets so many web clicks a day from people visiting my island.  It also serves as a great example of the type of travel post I want to do – Fun Family Friendly Travel Blogging!
  3. This is my best tip and one I just learned about.   Search any nearby town to you and plan a weekend trip!   Then locate the travel website or visitors guide for that town.    Look for the Media Page for that town and request a Media Visit.  They will help you with VIP tourist destination tickets, complimentary accommodations, discounted meals and more.   For example, my favorite weekend trip is Charleston, and they have a media page where you fill out all of your information and they email you back right away with help!    It’s really the best insider tip I have for you to become a travel blogger.   Start with fun weekend trips and build your travel following.  Soon you will have bigger destinations offering you wonderful vacations for posts.

Full disclosure:  I’m just starting the transition from mom blogger to travel mom blogger, but I thought these tips may help some of you wondering how to travel blog!

Happy Travels Friends!

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