My love for Beyoncé is well known.  We grew up in the same part of Houston and when she sings “Houston Rocket”  I can’t help but smile. Beyoncé and I have 2 of the 6 degrees of separation, my friend Lauren was childhood best friends with her sister Solange.   So we should totally hang out some time, Beyoncé call me?

So needless to say, Beyoncé is always on my playlists.  We play music while we do chores around here.  But now we can play Beyonce for bedtime too, her music has been turned into the cutest lullaby album by Rockabye Baby!  Lullaby Renditions of Beyoncé

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Lullaby Renditions of Beyoncé

The disc (physical and digital) has 13 tracks, all mellow and nighttime-friendly beeps and bops. The lineup includes some Beyoncé and Destiny Child classics (“Crazy In Love,” “Irreplaceable,” “Single Ladies,” “Say My Name,” “Love On Top,” “Run The World (Girls),” “Drunk In Love,” “Listen,” “Halo,” “Countdown,” “Naughty Girl”) as well as some of our favorite newbies (“Hold Up” and “Sorry”).