We love living on a tiny island, but sometimes you get island fever (real thing).  Luckily there is a cute town just over the bridge from us, Bluffton South Carolina.  Bluffton is adorable, it’s full of charming people and even has a Target.   Bluffton has a huge history for such a small town.  It was settled in the 1700s, but not founded as an official town until 1852.  It’s located on a bluff along the May River, hence the name Bluffton.   Bluffton was also the scene of the Bluffton movement which eventually led to South Carolina being the first state to secede during the Civil War.  Bluffton history is fascinating to me.  If Drunk History ever decides to do an episode on this little town I will gladly volunteer to drink with Derek Waters and tell him all about this cute town.

In the middle of Bluffton is a cute little district called Old Town.  And if you are spending the week on Hilton Head Island or from Savannah, I definitely think Bluffton deserves a day trip.  I suggest taking this day trip on the Farmer’s Market day Thursday!    Surrounding farmers, popcorn, fresh flowers, cute local kids, sweet tea and eclectic shops make for a fun day.  If you are a photographer, don’t forget your camera because this town is so fun and colorful.  After you’ve wondered around Old Town Bluffton on market day, can I suggest another market for dinner?  Cahill’s Market has been my favorite restaurant since moving here.  Cahill’s (pronounced kay-hills)  is a family farm with real southern food.    I always order the same thing, the Field to Fork Plate, but Matthew adores the Southern fried chicken.

Bluffton has been called “the last true coastal village of the South”  so I think it deserves a place on your travel bucket list.