Boating weekends are so much fun.  We’ve had such a fun summer on the water so far.   With these few simple tips, you can relax and enjoy your weekend on the water problem free.

  1. Sunblock Sunblock Sunblock.  Even if it is overcast, the sun bounces off the white interior of the boat and the water.  You will burn in places you didn’t know could burn!
  2. Safety First, Buy a backup map and put it in a safe place.  GPS and other gadgets can glitch.   On our last boating trip, a gust of wind made our map fly away into the ocean.
  3. Water, stay hydrated.  Especially if you are drinking.    A designated boater is important if you are drinking friends, stay safe out there.
  4. Check your weather often!  Coastal weather changes so fast, and storms can catch you off guard.
  5. Teach everyone to swim at a young age and use Coast Guard Approved life-jackets.
  6. Use Common Sense!
  7.  Prepare.  Write a check list, even if you aren’t a list maker.  You will want to be fully prepared for a fun weekend.  Buy your essentials on Amazon and save so much money.  Dock stores are so expensive.  A great way to save money for your entire fun summer is the Subscribe and Save Option on Amazon where you can save up to 15% when you subscribe to 5 or more products.   One essential you don’t want to forget is toilet paper.   Scott Rapid Dissolving Bath Tissue is perfect for a boat’s picky plumbing system, the head!    It’s delicate on your boat and your bum!  It dissolves four times faster than other toilet papers and is FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) Certified from responsible sources.  Scott Rapid Dissolving Bath Tissue is not just for your boat, it’s also perfect for your RV or long bustrip.    We are going on an RV trip to the mountains in August and I have a few packages on my list already.

You can buy Scott’s Rapid Dissolve Bath Tissue on Amazon here,  Don’t forget to Subscribe and Save $2.50 from your purchase!


Thank you Scott® Products for this fun partnership!