Oli and Milo are brand reps for small shops around the world.     This means they model small shop goods on Instagram and other social media channels.   The small shop sends packages and I take photos of the boys using or wearing the item and post on instagram.       I’ve always been a fan of small shops, when I discovered etsy I went a little crazy and my credit cards are just now starting to forgive me.  When I started posting photos of the boys wearing the small shop items, I tagged the shops and fell into the brand rep rabbit hole.    Shops started direct messaging me to join their brand rep searches, I did and started getting brand rep positions.  I actually got too many at first, and was overwhelmed with packages.  So now I limit the amount of positions I accept at one time.    It’s helped tremendously, now I get to know the shop owners that I’m working with and learn what type of photos they enjoy.  Brand repping is not free clothing.  Brandrepping is a trade.  I trade my services of photography for beautifully hand made items from fellow hard working shop owning moms.

I’m going to post weekly about the brandreppin community, tips and tricks, ups and downs, favorite shops and more.  Stay tuned!




Shirt from Wicked Good Vibes and Distressed Denim from Farm Fresh Denim.