Getting Started?

How do you get started brandrepping?  This is asked often.  The simple answer has two main parts.  Shop small and take a large amount of photos.

Shop Small : Why I prefer to shop small?  I’d rather give my money to another hard working kick ass mom than a large corporation like Walmart.   I’d rather my funds go to pay for dance lessons for a budding ballerina than an additional home for a corporate scumbag.  You vote with your wallet and I’m voting for that ballerina.  Small shops are the shops that are looking for brand reps.  Big corporations like Gap and Zara have marketing budgets for photographers and models.  Small shops need help and are willing to trade beautiful things for that help.  This is actually my favorite part, I love the unique products that small shops sell.  The love that goes into these items shows with every detail.   You guys should see my etsy cart, it’s always full of stuff that I can’t afford this week.

Take Photos:  You must learn to take a good photo of your child if you would like to brand rep.   It’s not as simple as just taking out your phone out and snapping a photo.  There is lighting, angles, composition, focus, and so much more to learn.   If I had no photography experience whatsoever and was working with an iPhone.  I would definitely consider taking Brit and Co’s class on phone photography, it’s free right now.   Then go out and use some of that new knowledge on your cute kid.

If you already have a DSLR and a basic knowledge of your camera, this is where it gets fun.  Be creative!  Work on angles and switch up that aperture and shutter speed.  Use a low aperture and make the background dreamy and blurry, but make your little future rep pop and in focus.    Use a medium speed shutter speed, and have your little dance, his feet will be adorably blurry and you will see fun in the motion!   Try different backgrounds, find out what you like and don’t like.

You want to start a little modeling portfolio of your little brand rep.  Whether you are using your personal instagram account or making a dedicated rep account – make your child stand out.  Show their unique personality and style.

Develop your own style of brandreppin.  This is key.   I see so many dreamy feeds with muted tones that make me so happy, but it’s not us.  We are loud and colorful, and that dreamy muted toned feed just didn’t fit our lifestyle.  And people who know us in real life would laugh out loud if we tried to be those dreamy quiet muted toned people.  So we went bright bold and a little brazen.  I think it makes my little reps stand out from the crowd.

Who are your favorite reps?  Can you let me know in the comments?


Personalized Camera Blanket from A Great Baby

Top Photo:  Bib from Ellamena Kids, Shirt from Wicked Good Times, Layering shirt from Holley and Sage, Wool pants from Sloomb, and Boots from Weesqueak