Dear Matthew,

I have no idea if you read my blog.   You aren’t into social media, so I’m super curious to find out if you read this blog.  You really should, I’m quite witty some days (after coffee).    So I’m going to do a blog experiment.  These are some of the books I would love for Christmas. If I get any of these cute books under the tree, I know you think I’m witty too.

Oh and to make this a true blog, these are some beautiful coffee table books you should get your sweetheart for the holidays too!

Oh and while you are shopping for me, I really love this coffee table from Justina Blakeney!

Amber Faust Book Blogger 2020

The Moth Presents All These Wonders: True Stories About Facing the Unknown

Some [stories] are heartbreakingly sad; some laugh-out-loud funny; some momentous and tragic; almost all of them resonant or surprising. They are stories that attest to the startling varieties and travails of human experience, and the shared threads of love, loss, fear and kindness that connect us.”
Michiko Kakutani, New York Times

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The Flower Expert: Ideas and Inspiration for a Life With Flowers

“The Melbourne-based style icon brings artistry to her arrangements, as well as her flower photography. Her sophisticated use of color and proportion is anything but ordinary.”
– Houston Chronicle

Christmas gifts for artists

Mind Your Business: A Workbook to Grow Your Creative Passion Into a Full-time Gig

Personally, I’m finding that this workbook is an opportunity to brainstorm and reflect without too much pressure. I’m taking to each page with a pen and a commitment to letting my first thoughts flow freely. It can be so hard to commit to ideas about ourselves and our businesses, especially when you’re writing in a beautiful book, but Mind Your Business has a sense of humor that takes some pressure off. This isn’t a rigid business plan— it’s a big collection of pages that encourage you to think and explore freely. As a perfectionist, I find that really exciting.  Amazon Review


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Gray Malin: Italy

This is a wonderful book. It’s photographs capture the essence of the most beautiful places in Italy . Malin like myself seems obsessed with the beauty of the Mediterranean and the colorful Italian culture that surrounds it. Open the book and you are instantly on the coasts of Italy. The blueness of the water has a magical quality rarely captured on film(in deed not since images of beautiful Grace Kelly in the waters of the French Riviera in Hitchcocks’s TO CATCH A THIEF, has anyone until Malin gotten it right.) Malin’s work is pure sensual beauty . Looking at his work is the next best thing to being there. One can almost feel the gentle sea breezes and taste the limoncello. Bravo! Amazon Reviewer


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NYT. 36 Hours. World. 150 Cities from Abu Dhabi to Zurich

Weekend trips to any city, from São Paulo to Seoul to Sydney, can often be daunting, with too much to do and too little time. Enter 36 Hours World, a roundup of 150 cities across six continents, each tailored for a memorable and feasible 36-hour stay. Gathered from the eponymous New York Times column, this updated edition is dedicated entirely to cities: capital, coastal, cosmopolitan, and everything in between, with 26 new stories not published in previous volumes.


and one for you Matthew!  I love you!  Thanks for putting up with me!

Books for christmas 2019

The Great Outdoors: 120 Recipes for Adventure Cooking