Time flies when you have two babies, February is over.  This month was one of the hardest months of my life.  My grandmother passed away.  I’ve found it hard to post and I have 500 emails to return.  But I have sweet babies who will carry on her sweet loving legacy.

Eating –  Greek Salad in a baguette and grilled.

Drinking – Coffee Coffee Coffee, but I need to be drinking water water water.

Listening –  Vintage Rolling Stones & protest reggae.

Reading –  I just ordered The Night Ocean by Paul La Farge.  I have a thing for stories inside of stories.  Mysterious Escapism sounds lovely.

Milo – Stopped sleeping and is growing in teeth.  I’m sure it’s connected.

Oli – Currently obsessed with planets and twinkling stars.

Pip – Hasn’t turned in her homework since Christmas and is grounded, but she kicked ass on her standardized tests.

Watching  – Legion on FX / Hulu.  The vintage yet modern tone and colors along with the fabulous soundtrack.  It’s a fresh awesome take on the X-men, I think the main character turns out to be Professor Xavier’s son.

Wishing – to see her again or hear her voice.

Using –  Pinterest.  I know I said I hated it.  But I’m trying.   Follow me and help me figure out what I’m doing?

Thinking – 

“Hates been winning, but the lovers ain’t done.”  Skip Marley

Oli’s costume set is from Lovelane Designs and his Choose Love tee from Honest Elements.

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