March is going so much better than February.  It’s spring and our anniversary!  Matt got me the famous Madewell tote that I’ve been wanting forever.   I gave him an IOU.  Maybe I’ll get him the video game he wants and a night off from the boys?

Eating –  Texas Caviar, if you don’t know what that is…. see here.  #homesicktexan

Drinking – Mexican Coca-Cola is so good, but it’s a special treat.  I’m loving green tea and still working on drinking more water.

Listening –  I’ve been in a Bastille mood lately, and this may be next.  Although, I just suspect he needs some alone time.

Reading –  Still trying to get into The Original Scroll first draft version of On the Road by Jack Kerouac.    It’s curious and seriously like one giant paragraph.

Milo – Babbling, growing a personality and ripping out my hair by the roots.  

Oli – Still on a planets kick.  My 23 month old knows all of his planets but Venus – he calls Venus “hot”.  He’s definitely going to be an astronaut.

Pip – It’s science fair crunch time, her project is on lead in water.

Watching  – Do cartoons count?  Oli and I have been watching Wanda & the Alien in the morning lately on Netflix.  I need to review this cute cartoon, Oli now gets excited for tea time.

Loving – The Cheyenne Randall Tattooed Icons Collection and these crazy bargain jeans.  I bought them to hold me over until I can get back to my skinny jeans in the back of my closet and they are just as soft as my more expensive Levis.

Wishing –  I need a good nights sleep.  Maybe in a nice big hotel bed with crispy white sheets with the ac cranked down to like 60 Fahrenheit without the babies.   Grandma is coming in a couple months, maybe I’ll take a night off.  Oh and I need a sunless tanner that doesn’t smell like butt.

Using –  Balance and Three Little Wonders by Ole’ Henrickson. My skin feels amazing. Use the code NEWGLOW for a free 7 day sample here.

Thinking –  About Oli’s first haircut or should he rock the long locks?   Mom blog post ideas – Earth Day is coming up, babywearing,  spring picnic foods,  healthy eats on Hilton Head, natural migraine relief,  oh and Piper has almost finished 5 years of language immersion school, I think I should blog about the results.    Matt is a good writer too, I’d love to see if he’d blog too.  He needs an outlet for his randomness as well.  Do dad’s blog?

“I always had a repulsive need to be something more than human. I felt very puny as a human. I thought, ‘Fuck that. I want to be a superhuman.”  – David Bowie