It’s happening friends, I’m becoming more and more oily.  While the science is still out on if essential oils really cure everything, it really does put me in a better mood.  When I’m in a better mood, I feel healthier, more energized and ready to take on the world.  So I’ll totally take it, with a grain of scientific salt?    It’s getting hot in South Carolina, and we are on a tiny island surrounded by water so the humidity is at a constant 90 – 100%.  So the last thing I want to do is turn on my diffuser and pump more humidity into my house.  Below are my favorite three ways to diffuse essential oils without a diffuser.   I’ll happily turn my diffuser back on in the fall when my skin is begging for that added moisture.


Number One is a Cotton Bowl made of Cotton Bolls!  Cotton Bolls are natural cotton before it’s processed and made into cotton balls.   You can get cotton bolls on the stick and place them in a sweet pitcher for a sweet farmhouse look.  Or just take the cotton bolls and place them in any bowl you have in your home.  Piper has been taking a pottery class at the art center near our house lately, so we used one of her bowls.  It’s such a sweet personal touch.  Just drop a few drops of your favorite essential oil or blend on it and display.   I think a cotton boll wreath on our front door is my next project.  How good would it smell as you open the door and shut it?   Cotton Bolls are available on Amazon Prime and last forever.


Number Two is actually an Etsy find.  Sleepybird Co makes these minimal yarn tassel wall hangings with lava rocks!   I’ve moved it around to find the perfect spot right under an air vent and I love it.  I diffuse happy scents like citrus on it and everytime the HVAC pops on I smile.  Sleepybird is owned by Rebecca and she makes pretty things while her sweet daughter sleeps.


Number Three is another Piper collaboration, but you can use any vessel in your home.  I turned one of Piper’s works of art into a reed diffuser.   DIY reed diffusers are highly effective at spreading out lovely scents and so easy to make!  You will need to use a carrier oil such as fractionated coconut oil and add 20-25 drops of your favorite oil or blend.  The ratio is 1/4 cup of carrier oil to 25 drops of essential oils.  “Fractionated coconut oil is, as the name suggests, Coconut oil with specific components removed. In the non-chemical fractionating process, the components of whole coconut oil that cause it to be solid at room temperature and be susceptible to oxidation are removed. The resulting substance is liquid at room temperature and very stable.”  Diffuser Reeds are available on Amazon too.


For 25 other ways to diffuse Essential Oils without a diffuser, check out this article! 

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