“Never tell me the odds.” Han Solo

We are excited for Disney+ and I needed an excuse to post more Star Wars fun!  

Do you have a Star Wars fan in the family? Star Wars crafts can be extremely fun to do and can be a great way to get the kids involved with hands on activities. 

Star Wars fans of all ages will love putting these easy crafts together and enjoy working on the printables and activities. 

If you’re looking for some great crafts and printables to keep the kids busy, these Star Wars printables and crafts are perfect for keeping them entertained and using their imaginations. These crafts include a little bit for all age groups, so you’re sure to find a great project to keep those little hands busy.


  • Star Wars Kleenex Night Lights  This is a great way to turn those Star Wars themed Kleenex boxes into a fun item for the kids, these night lights will be a great activity for kids.
  • Black Glue Star Wars Droids These paper droids will be a fun project for kids to glue and paint and they watch the Star Wars droids come to life.
  • DIY Princess Leia Buns Headband  Girls will loves making and wearing this Princess Leia headband where they can have their very own hairstyle just like Princess Leia.
  • Star Wars Hair Clips or Shoe Toppers  Perfect for little hands, this fun craft can be turned into hair clips or shoe toppers for the little Star Wars fan in your life.
  • Glow in The Dark Bean Bags  If you can find some Star Wars fabric at any of your local stores, these bean bags are fun to have around the house. They can be used as decorations or you can use them for bean bag games.
  • Star Wars Bath Bombs These bath bombs are created with Essential Oils and will help you relax in the tub. The bath bombs are easy to make, and you can create them in various colors to match your favorite Star Wars themes.
  • No Sew R2D2 Costume  Kids love to play dress up, even if it’s not Halloween. This R2D2 costume is great for kids to run around and play in.
  • Han Solo Coloring Pages These fun coloring pages from the movie SOLO: A Star Wars Story will keep kids entertained as they make the coloring pages come to life.
  • Star Wars Ikea Toolbox Makeover Turn a simple Ikea box into a Star Wars fan dream box with this fun makeover craft tutorial.
  • R2D2 Luminaries This is a great budget friendly craft that can be done with just a few affordable supplies. These luminaries can be used to accent lighting or party decorations.
  • Star Wars Tree  If you’re looking to bring some Star Wars cheer for the holidays, this tutorial for a Star Wars tree and DIY Star Wars ornaments are the perfect way to do that.
  • Star Wars Handprint Craft   This is a great craft that can also be turned into a gift for any special occasion or holiday. Handprints can be turned into all different characters from the Star Wars series.
  • Star Wars Papercrafts  You can grab these fun Star Wats papercrafts and create your own Millennium Falcon paper replica.
  • Darth Vader Faux Leather Ornament  With a little cutting and some glue, you can create a fun faux leather ornament that can be hung on the tree.
  • Lightsabers  These lightsabers may be made for party invitations, but kids can use their imaginations and pretend they are real lightsabers as they fight for their favorite side.

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