Giant Ruler DIY ?

We aren’t very crafty.  We try really hard but I can’t tell you how many times I’ve decided to make something,  ran to Michaels, spent 100 dollars and came home to fail miserably.   I’ve always wanted a pretty giant ruler to mark the kids height on but ordering one online with shipping is pricey.    So we decided to make one.  Thankfully, Little Acorns by Ro has a DIY kit on Etsy.    My daughter Piper is a science kid, so she selected the combination ruler with imperial and metric markings.  Scientists and the rest of the world use the metric system.   Piper and Matt started off with sanding the 1×8 piece of lumber and stained it.   We allowed the board to dry for 2 days before bringing it indoors.  img_3809_1

Then came the easy part, placing the decals with a tape measure.  I wish I would have taken photos, but this was a nap time project and I had a sleepy baby in my lap.  My bad sorry.  Luckily the Little Acorns by Ro website has detailed instructions with awesome photos.  The instructions in the kit are crystal clear, but the most important part is to know how high you are hanging it before you start.

6ft piece of 1×8 wood board
DIY Growth Chart Ruler Vinyl Decal Kit
Minwax Red Mahogany Stain

Tape measure
Credit Card
Dry rag


We used the kit to talk about how easy the metric system is with conversions and multiples of 10.  Piper didn’t even realize, it was a math lesson.  (homeschooling craft idea?)    We need to measure the kids now.  Little Acorns by Ro actually has adorable add ons to mark the heights and ages, and even cute quotes to top your board.  Ours is a work in progress, but it’s love so far.

We actually haven’t decided where to hang it, for now it looks adorable in the family room.