This post was sponsored by KinderCare, but as always all opinions are my own! 

You are off to great places.  

Oli is so smart y’all.   He knows his planets, dwarf planets, lunar cycles and even the Mars and Jupiter moons.  He’s not interested in the alphabet yet, but I’m not ready to push it. I want him to learn what he’s interested in, even if that means I’m up the night before googling the difference between waxing and waning moons.   I don’t think he’s ready for school just yet, and honestly I’m enjoying learning with him. But I’m watching closely for some signals that he’s ready.

Signs your child is ready for School

  1. He or She can follow simple directions.  
  2. He or She can sit still for little while.
  3. He or She handles emotions.  
  4. He or She uses the bathroom and washes hands.  
  5. He or She can get along with others.


No your child doesn’t have to have all of these down 100% before school, we all have crazy days.    Piper started school early, as I worked full time and we chose a school that was perfect for her age and abilities.   She’s 12 now and brilliant. She excels in math and science, speaks mandarin and can draw the most amazing anime cartoons I’ve ever seen.  Enough bragging, sorry – I’m just so proud of her and I credit so much of her awesome abilities to an early education. She has such a solid foundation, that it has been so amazing watching her excel in academics.  

Recently a friend of mine was feeling bad for putting her child into an early education program, I was so happy to tell her about it being the best thing we did for our daughter.   70% of brain development happens in the first three years of life. While we as parents can and should teach our children so much, an accredited early education program with years of research and results is a blessing.  So if you are a working parent or a stay at home parent, you should consider early education for your children.

We’ve started researching schools for the boys early.  It’s so important to be prepared. Good schools now have waiting lists.   We are particularly impressed with the KinderCare programs. KinderCare opened its first school in 1969, during the women’s movement.  Women everywhere were entering the workplace in record numbers but needed a safe place for their children. KinderCare has evolved with our world.  They’ve always been interested in literacy skills, and today when KinderCare kids enroll in Kindergarten, they test at a first grade level in reading and math!    Today’s research shows that what children need to be successful in the rapidly changing world includes skills like creativity, collaboration, and critical-thinking. They also need “executive function” skills, which includes things like mental flexibility, perseverance, and focus.  KinderCare encourages all of these skills, not just the reading writing and math!

I had the awesome opportunity to speak with one of the awesome KinderCare teachers, Dana Davin.   I loved listening to her philosophy of a child centered classroom that builds on each age groups needs.    She teaches the basics like the alphabet, colors, shapes, and numbers but also teaches wholistic topics like self confidence and a positive self image.   She also gave me the most important tip when enrolling your child in KinderCare, COMMUNICATION. It’s so important to talk to your child’s teacher, email, call, etc.  It’s important to talk to your child about their day. The parents, teachers and child are a team in this early educational process. Teamwork requires communication to get the best results.   This communication will also get rid of any anxiety or nerves that many parents have when sending their child to school for the first time.

Have I got you excited for sending your child to school yet?  I hope so, that was my goal in this post. It’s nothing to worry about, or feel guilty about.  It’s a blessing. Watching your child gain independence and grow into a wonderful citizen is amazing.     

Thank you KinderCare for sponsoring this post and if you are interested in learning more about KinderCares amazing accredited child care programs, please click HERE!