“Dogs do speak, but only to those who know how to listen.”– Orhan Pamuk

Our dog Daisy has made our family complete.  Who would have known a 13 pound ball of white fuzz would bring so much joy into our lives?   She sleeps with me when Matthew is gone, she plays with the boys when I need them distracted to make dinner, she listens to Piper’s bad teenage music and she waits with her tail wagging when she hears Matt open the garage door.  

During your life, there will be times of doubt, fear, and vulnerability. You can become confused about how life will be and should be. Trials and tribulations can make you become ungrounded in life, with no clear focus on where you are or what you want to do. 

You may be having trouble finding out who you are or who you want to be. This isn’t unusual at all. Having a pet or being exposed to animals can teach you more lessons than you can imagine, even ways to find yourself. 

How Animals Can Help 

Animals such as a household pet can change your perspective on life and show you the way to finding your true self. It does seem a little far fetched, sure. Animals can teach you about compassion and loyalty.  Animals have the uncanny ability to show us how to put others’ needs above our own. 

Being around animals can show you to slow down and help you live life in the moment.  Animals can also help you discover hidden qualities about yourself that you didn’t know you had, such as the ability to love. 

Animals can teach you about loyalty, love, and compassion

Animals are unbelievably loyal. An animal can show it is loyal by following your every footstep. An animal can show your loyalty by staying close to you when you are sad, mad, or even hard to love. 

Being in the presence of an animal can also teach you compassion.  An animal can be sensitive to our own pain and suffering. An animal will always go out of there way to give us a kiss, change our focus to them for a pet, or some snuggles. The animal is showing us compassion by loving you through your pain. You can learn to love yourself through the pain by their example. 

If you are around an animal, the animal chooses to love you unconditionally. In return, you will love the animal unconditionally. Animals know nothing but love from you. You are their whole world. In essence, animals teach us to love. They teach us to love them and teach you to love yourself and others.

Animals help you learn to slow down

Animals do not look for the future or the past. All animals live in the present. Animals can teach us to slow down and take advantage of the moment. Animals enjoy napping, eating, loving, exercise, and playing. In reality some of the most important things we should focus on. Animals can show us the way to a slow and simplistic life. 

How are some ways animals have helped you discover yourself?

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