Crawl – Walk – Surf?    Milo has just started crawling and it’s crazy, he’s into everything.   Next,  comes walking and then surfing!   Walking with assistance can happen as early as 8 months.  Please don’t worry if you child is uninterested in walking, it will happen soon and then you will experience the joy of nonstop running after them.  Honestly, when your baby learns to walk it’s bittersweet.  You’ve entered the toddler years, and your baby isn’t a baby anymore.  Mommy tears.

Ways to encourage your baby to walk 

Practice, practice, practice — and more practice.  Sit on the floor with your baby and hold him on his feet.  Get him used to standing and putting weight on his feet.  The more he gets comfortable on his feet, the more likely he will feel comfortable to take those first few steps.

Encourage your baby to explore holding onto the furniture.  Pediatricians call this cruising.  Just make sure he has a soft landing spot or you always catch him.

Turn balancing into a game!  Sit with Baby on the floor and help him stand up. Then clap and count how long before he falls over.   Laugh, hug and high five after each attempt.  Positive reinforcement rocks.

Sing songs and walk with your baby holding his hands.   As your baby gains his balance –  let him walk on his own.

Encourage walking as often as possible.  Push walking toys are fun, (not walkers – pediatricians are now advising against walkers)

Squeaky Shoes!  Anything that involves cute baby shoe shopping, I’m in.  Oli has been a model for Wee Squeak since before he could walk.  These cute shoes make tiny squeaks with every step.  Oli laughed and laughed during his first steps. Wee Squeaks encourage heel-to-toe walking and help you track your tot no matter where they roam.  Wee Squeaks are made of premium materials and have a soft, flexible sole.    Wee Squeaks come in all styles  – sandals, athletic, boots, and dress shoe.  Oh and I almost forgot, the squeaks easily come out if you need some quiet time.   If your child is getting ready to walk, you should totally consider modeling Wee Squeak.  They are such a fun company to work with!  Apply Here.

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