This is a sponsored post from Asmodee for the new app Spot It! Duel.  But all opinions are my own and my daughters since she’s the one who is LOVING this game right now.

We love board games at our house.  We have a whole cabinet full of them.  Matt’s family grew up with Saturday Game Night and I thought it was adorable, so we are trying to continue the tradition.  One of our favorites is Asmodee’s Spot It.  We have the original, the party version and the sports version.  I’ve been thinking about the Alphabet edition for the toddlers.  So we were pretty excited to hear that they were coming out with a mobile version!  Asmodee Digital’s new mobile app,  Spot It! Duel launched June 28 for iOS and Android.

You don’t have to know the physical card game version to enjoy the app.  Spot It! Duel brings the quick-paced, addictive symbol-matching fun of the hit family card game, Spot It! to mobile devices… For free!

Playing the game is easy but gets increasingly difficult.  It requires quick thinking and fast reflexes.   The game’s vibrant presentation and simple play mechanics are easy enough for all ages, but increasingly difficult challenges will keep even the fastest players on their feet.   Piper goes with me to work some days, or gets stuck running errands with me.  This is such a fun way to keep her happy.  You can play it anywhere.  Stuck in a long long car pickup line?   Spot It! Duel.     Renewing your passport at the post office?  Spot It! Duel.   Stuck under a sleeping baby but afraid to move and wake him?  Spot It!  Duel.  Need a few minutes away from your loud obnoxious toddler brothers?   Spot It!  Duel.   Long car trip, stuck in the backseat with baby cartoons?  Spot It!  Duel.

From Asmodee. “The game’s principle is easy to understand. Each player has a disc filled with symbols. Your goal is to match similar symbols between discs to make them disappear and score points. But hurry, your opponent can also match symbols on your disc and ruin your flow! Choose the symbols you’re matching wisely and you’ll build up combos, granting you even more points. Find the right balance between strategy and speed and reach record breaking scores!”

“Duel your friends or battle against players worldwide! With the multiplayer game mode, you can select any opponent and challenge them to a duel! A Dobble trained and customized by your opponent will fight back until the best player comes out ahead! Go to tougher and tougher arenas filled with more ferocious adversaries as your reflexes and skill increase and you climb the worldwide leaderboard claiming greater rewards. Special events with unique rules and rewards will give you opportunities for varied play!”


This game is so much fun and it’s free.  You should download it today!


“The obvious objective of video games is to entertain people by surprising them with new experiences.” Shigeru Miyamoto