“The greatest wealth is health.”  Virgil

This post is sponsored by GNC, but all opinions are my own.

My second job ever was at the GNC in a Houston Mall.  I was honestly a bouncy teenager trying to make enough gas money for the weekends. But I accidentally learned so much about health and wellness. 

GNC was founded in 1935 and has stayed at the cutting edge of wellness and supplements. The industry’s best vitamins and supplements have always been from GNC.  

 It’s been so long since I was a teenager.  But I would love to get some of that energy and care-free stress-free old me back.  My goals with working with GNC on this campaign are getting my energy and focus back, I’d like a reset. 

GNC created a breakthrough in personal wellness called GNC4U that gives you the tools you need to support your health, wellness and fitness goals. It’s easy, backed by superior science, created just for you and delivered to your door each month in personalized daily packets of the industry’s best vitamins and supplements. 

It’s so easy!  You just head to gnc4u.com and take the free lifestyle quiz. GNC then uses your answers to form a personalized plan just for YOU!  This plan includes the vitamins and supplements, exercise and nutrition details for your body.   

With my busy life chasing three kids, I’m excited for the personalized vitamin packs delivered straight to my door.    I took the quiz and it gave me the recommended routine with so much information.  

wellness blogger family healthy blog 2020
My Personal Recommended Supplements

Then it also gave me so much more additional information and so many options.

Healthy mom recommended supplements 2020
GNC4U Supplement Information

GNC is also customizing wellness plans even further using your DNA with their DNA kits or if you’ve already done a DNA test, you just upload your existing DNA data and enhance your personalized results. 

wellness healthy mom blog 2020

I’m excited for my 30 days of GNC4U.  I can’t wait to share my journey with you guys! 

If you’d like to join me, you can begin by taking this free quiz at GNC4U.com.