I’m dreaming of a green Christmas.  

You guys the holidays are quickly approaching!  I love the holidays but I worry about all of the extra stuff.  Between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day, Americans throw away a million extra tons of garbage each week.   I’m rounding up a list of healthy eco-friendly tips to make our holidays greener.   

  1.  Buy Local.  Local gifts support your neighbors and have a smaller carbon footprint because there isn’t shipping.   Local hand-maid artisanal gifts are really special too.  
  2. Make your own gifts, this is a bit much for me.  I always end up spending too much on supplies at the craft store.  But so many of you are crafty with upcycling. Put those skills to use for the holidays.
  3. Make your own gift wrap, I’m here for this one.  Last year some cute family I follow on instagram bought a few thrift shop sheets and did the cutest gift wrap.  Then they upcycled the gift wrap again and made ornaments. I’d love to tye die some of our old sheets and do it this year. 
  4. Buy Energy-Saving LED Holiday Lights.  This one is such a no-brainer. I’m here for the pink lights. 
  5. Shop your farmers market for your holiday meals and parties.  Local farmers have such pretty vegetables this time of the year.  
  6. Buy a local tree, pesticide free please.  This sounds weird I know, cutting down a tree.  But these trees are replanted year after year and so much more eco-friendly than a plastic tree that you replace every few years.  The plastic will live in the landfills forever.
  7. Recycle your Christmas tree, many communities turn them into mulch or compost.  
  8. Are you buying anyone a new computer, cell-phone or tablet?  Recycle the old one at Best Buy or trade it in.
  9. Batteries for new toys?  Buy rechargeable or better yet buy the classics that don’t need batteries.
  10. Volunteer!  There are so many community organizations looking for extra hands this time of the year.
  11. Consider experience gifts rather than toys.  Give your family a fun weekend away or an activity together rather than a toy that they don’t need.
  12.  Make cookies and treats together to fill stockings, rather than the candy with plastic wrappers.  
  13. Consider the minimalistic holiday gifting approach.  Something you want, something you need, something to wear and something to read.  Have each child think hard about their gifts, rather than just buying everything on sale on black Friday.
  14. Store your holiday decor and use it year after year.  Not only is it a sweet tradition, but it’s so much more earth friendly.  Add one or two new ornaments a year or better yet make your own.
  15. Remember to water your trees and wreaths, fires are devastating any time but they seem more cruel around the holidays.

Want more ideas on having a sustainable holiday?  The WWF has a great list of Top Tips For A Sustainable Christmas Here.

“We do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children.”
– Native American Proverb

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