Halloween is our favorite holiday.  Candy and dress up forever.    But all of the plastic decor and throw away costumes hurt my green soul.  So this year we have tried our best to keep our plastic to a minimum.  It’s hard but not impossible.   Here are some of our favorite Eco-Friendly Halloween Tips.


Eco-Friendly Halloween Decor Ideas

  • Pumpkins forever, bonus points for growing your own.
  • Upcycled Halloween Decor, cardboard boxes make amazing tombstones and my kids love making scarecrows with old clothes.
  • Thrift shops are always full of halloween decor.

Eco-Friendly Halloween Costume Ideas

  • DIY it.  Raid your closets and let your imagination fly.
  • Thrift shop costumes are so fun!
  • Neighborhood costume swap parties.  It’s seriously so cute to see littles walking up to your door wearing a costume your child wore a few years before.
  • The Primary DIY Halloween Costumes.  I was skeptical because I have failed at quite a few DIYs lately.  But they walk you through it on their website.  Then you can reuse the pieces for everyday wear.   Not sponsored, I bought their pajamas, I just love this.
  • Keep your halloween costumes in the dress up bin and reuse them often.

Eco-Friendly Halloween Candy

  • This one is hard.  You can’t control what other homes give you while trick-or-treating.  Mamavation does an amazing job rounding up some of the best candy options every year.   I also love her ideas about using all of the candy so it doesn’t go to waste.   Donating it for care packages for troops abroad is such an amazing idea.
  • Rubicon has a box that they send to schools to recycle candy wrappers into pet beds.  You can request one here.

Other Eco-Friendly Sustainable Green Halloween Considerations

  • Old pillow cases make the best halloween treat bags.  But your reusable grocery bags work just as well.
  • Compost those old pumpkins and reuse the decorations you do buy.
Sustainable Mom Blogger 2020
Oli as a Jelly Fish
Lantern Parade DIY EASY
Jellyfish Paper Umbrella Costumes – Plastic Free
Eco-Friendly Green Halloween Ideas
Milo as a plastic free jellyfish.
Sustainable Eco Friendly Halloween
Halloween is super sweet.
Plastic Free Halloween
Primary’s Pajamas are so soft. Love bright happy basics.
Plastic Free Halloween Sustainable
The Little Green Halloween Jellyfish

Oli & Milo’s Eco-Friendly Plastic Free JellyFish Costumes

Supplies:  Paper Umbrellas, Paper Party Streamers and glue.

Directions: Glue the streamers on the umbrella, Easiest DIY ever.

Bonus Points:  Reuse it for the Lantern Parade.  Ours is next month!

What are you going to be for Halloween 2020?  We are already brainstoming about our plans for another plastic-free Halloween Costume!