Coffee is so good for you.  There are so many antioxidants in coffee,  especially when it’s freshly brewed.   A growing body of research shows that coffee drinkers, (compared to nondrinkers), are less likely to have type 2 diabetes, Parkinson’s,  dementia, certain cancers, heart rhythm problems, and strokes.    It burns calories, it brightens your day, it supplies the extra energy you need to chase three kids.

My love of coffee is well known.  I post far too many coffee posts on Instagram.    But I actually did not enjoy coffee until I had my daughter Piper.    I made it through college on redbull, (horrible).    When Piper was a terrible toddler we moved to the tiny Greek island of Kerkyra.    Greek people don’t know about redbull, (or automatic transmission cars).    So in order to chase the kid nonstop around Greece, I tried the Greek Frappe.  I hated the taste at first but I loved the caffeine buzz.   So I experimented and added too much sugar to make it drinkable, horrible for you.   Later I found European espresso and cappuccinos, way better than the chalky Greek Frappe.   When I moved stateside, I discovered the joys of Starbucks.    My go to drink for the longest time was a Frappuccino, welcome back sugar addiction.  It took a while to break. I think I’ve gotten the healthy coffee cup finally figured out and I’ve got a few Starbucks healthy option recommendations for you too.

Five Ways to Make Your Coffee Healthier

1. Freshly brew your coffee, powdered coffee is junk.  It’s poor quality and you have to add so much sugar to make it drinkable.  Consider organic and always buy Fair Trade.

2. Don’t drink coffee after 2 pm.  Caffeine is a stimulant and can disrupt your sleep schedule.  Sleep is important.

3. Don’t add too much sugar or artificial sweeteners.  Consider the natural alternative stevia or train yourself to go without.   True coffee lovers think John Wayne black coffee is delicious (crazy right?).

4. Use a plant-based creamer, I use Silk Coconut and it is amazing.

5.  If you need flavor in your coffee consider cinnamon.  Add it before you brew and the smell will pick you up as you brew.   It can lower blood sugar levels and reduce heart disease risk factors.



3 Healthy Delicious Starbuck’s Options

  1. Cappuccino with Coconut Milk 
  2. Caffe Americano 
  3. Coconut Milk Tazo Chai Tea Latte


how to make a healthy cup of coffee