A dog will teach you unconditional love. If you can have that in your life, things won’t be too bad.

Robert Wagner

We finally did it.  We got a puppy!    It only took me 8 years of begging Matthew.    So without further adieu meet Daisy!

West Highland Terrier Puppy

Daisy is a West Highland White Terrier and she is 8 weeks old.    She won’t grow over 20 pounds and is such a smart breed.   West Highland Terriers live a long life (up to 16 years) and are so much fun.   I’ve met so many Westies and I adore the big dog personality in a small compact package.     This is by no means a bringing home puppy guide, this is just what we did with our new puppy.  After I’m a bit more than a week in, I may update this or make a what to expect when expecting a puppy post!

To prepare for Daisy Dog, we had to get a few supplies.

Food.   We are going to stick with the food Daisy was weaned on until I do a bit more research on the best foods for Westies.   I’m stalking all of the Westie facebook groups.    She was weaned on Cesar dry dog food, which is adorable because their mascot is a sweet West Highland Terrier.

Non-tip food and water bowls.   We did the Rae Dunn Dog Bowls.  Rae Dunn is such a cute minimal brand.  People are crazy for the brand right now.  They are ridiculously priced on Amazon, so don’t use this link.   Go to your local Homegoods or TJ Maxx and get the same dishes for under 5 dollars.

Identification tags with your puppy’s name, your name and phone number, and your veterinarian’s name and phone number.   We did the cute tags at our local pet store.   We are considering the microchip, but it sounds so scary.  Did you microchip your dog?

Collar and Leash.   Daisy is very small right now.  She’s in the xxs sized collar right now.   Amazon has some super cute options right now.    Matt loves a retractable leash and I’m more of the classic rope leash type.  So since we both will be walking her often, we bought both.

A home and travel crate that’s airline approved and that will accommodate your puppy’s adult size. This is totally optional and dependent if you want to crate train your pup!   But we went super generic and basic with this one.

Grooming supplies, because its best to get your dog used to grooming super early.  You should talk to your vet about which brands are best for your breed.  We went with the following brands – Dog shampoo, toothbrush, paste, brushes, nailclippers and combs.

Toys and Treats.  The fun stuff!  We’ve already started training Daisy and she had sit down perfectly, good girl.   So you will need tiny treats, or bits of rotisserie chicken.   Toys.  We went with the classics, rope, balls and a chewy bunny.

Her own dedicated Instagram account.   No I don’t really plan on making Daisy a pet influencer.  I just have a feeling I will overshare such a cute fluffy puppy.  So I’ve already made her a cute Instagram account, she is @hellodaisydog  I think she is already almost up to 1000 followers.  So if puppy instagram accounts are your thing, you should follow my sweet Daisy Dog.



What to feed a West Highland Terrier Puppy South Carolina

West Highland Terrier Puppy South Carolina