It’s almost Fall Y’all!  Happy September.    Piper and I are off on a girls trip!  We leave for Europe on Wednesday!  BOSTON > LONDON > PARIS > SWITZERLAND > VENICE > ROME > HOME.  Hurricane Irma just flooded our little island, but the storm missed our house, hallelujah!

Eating –  We are traveling and being adventurous eaters.  Piper tried duck, tofu, and bubble tea today.   Tomorrow maybe she’ll try ballpark pizza?

Drinking –  We are in Boston, so the dork in me is having Boston Tea Parties.

Listening –  Totally loaded my phone with English Eighties music to get me in a LONDON state of mind.  Echo and the Bunnymen, Morrisey, and The Cure.

Reading –  A European Lonely Planet Travel Guide.

Milo – Says Hi, Bye, and Banana now.

Oli – has such a wonderful vocabulary right now.   He’s going to be a clever kiddo like his big sister.

Pip – comes alive with travel.  She’s a delightful travel companion.  She just soaks it all in.  I’m in awe watching her.    She may be an excellent candidate for world schooling.

Matt –  I added Matt a category this month.  He’s waiting for some exciting career news.  FINGERS CROSSED Y’ALL.

Watching  –  Hurricane Irma #irmagerd on the weather channel.

Loving –  My fisheye lens again.  I’m so happy I remembered to toss it into my suitcase.

Wishing –  For the Hurricane season to be over already.  So much destruction.  I loved storm watching when I was younger, now it’s terrifying.

Thinking –  about travel blogging.  I could totally do this full time.  

Looking Forward To – We had to postpone our Disney trip because of Irma.  So we rescheduled for December.

Snippets – 

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