There is this mailbox at the end of a beach on an island where you can leave your hopes and dreams.    It’s not the only beach mailbox to leave your hopes and dreams. It may be the newest. I hope it’s not the last.  This beach mailbox is on Hilton Head Island in South Carolina.

When you walk onto Fish Haul beach, turn left and wade through the Lowcountry pluff mud and spartina grass wrack until you see the hidden mailbox. It’s a simple green mailbox, not unlike the rest of the mailboxes on island. This one just has a better view and local flair. Next to the mailbox is a new addition, a writing desk, I suspect it is made from a washed up dock from one of the major hurricanes that has hit the area in recent years.

Desk on the Beach in Hilton Head Island. Beach Mailbox. Amber Faust

Hilton Head Island is a special little island.  No, not for it’s golf course or green eco-friendly coastal living.   It’s special because of its history. Hilton Head Island was the first self-governing town of formerly enslaved African Americans in the United States.   Before that, the island’s history goes back over 4,000 years, with many native tribes. The island is truly full of myths, legends and hope.

The Faust boys make a weekly trip to the mailbox to see what’s new.

So it’s not surprising that a mysterious mailbox popped up at the end of Fish Haul Beach / Mitchellville Beach with a notebook to write your prayers, hopes and dreams.   We’ve found beautiful messages, song lyrics, dirty limericks and silly sketches in the Hilton Head Island mailbox too. It’s a place to write your feelings. We need more places offline to write our feelings.   There is a bench, sea air, and the quiet sounds of ocean waves to bring out the best in you.

Our little Hilton Head Island mailbox is gaining quite a following and through the clues on Instagram, we have tracked this island treasure to a mysterious man named Tropical Storm Hank.   I’ve asked numerous times for the thoughts behind the mailbox, but people who know him say I must leave him a letter and mark it #beachmail.

Other famous beach mailboxes include Kindred Spirit in Wilmington North Carolina and the Red Mailboxes of Hope, believed to have originated in Kitty Hawk, North Carolina.

Beach Mailbox on Hilton Head Island.

What message would you leave in the beach mailbox?   

Madeline from @hereinhiltonhead also wrote about this mysterious new island treasure! #beachmail

Hilton Head Island Beach Mailbox