Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up”

Oli is an artist.  He is basically the next Picasso or Monet.  His medium of choice is crayon on the wall.   We have all of the art supplies out of reach, but somehow the crayon smuggler hides them and finds them later when I’m doing something important (like trying to use the restroom alone).  We were going through Magic Erasers like crazy.  Magic Erasers are brilliant.  They work so well at getting crayon off the wall, or anything off the wall (including paint if you scrub too hard).  The problem is my toddler Van Gogh can draw over an entire wall in the 30 seconds it takes me to wash my hands.   An entire wall of crayon will take an entire box of Magic Erasers and they aren’t cheap.

I’ve found the solution (literally a solution) to fix this problem.  It’s basically a DIY Magic Eraser.   Cleaning Essentials makes a DIY Kit for making Reusable Wipes, no you don’t need the kit but it’s really handy and they donate 1% to the planet.    This magic solution will change your life.   It not only cleans crayon, it cleans every sticky mark off your walls and baseboards.  I crawled around our walls and scrubbed all of the baseboards yesterday, they were so dirty.  Living with a toddler and a baby, everything under 3 feet is sticky.    I also love using essential oils while I clean, it’s a healthy substitute for those chemical air fresheners and it smells so much better.

How to Get Crayon OFF Your Walls

Supplies –

  • Old t-shirts (Reduce Reuse Recycle)
  • Jar
  • Vinegar (1 cup)
  • Alcohol (1 cup)
  • Essential Oil  (I used the Cleaning Essentials Cindy Blend because it smells amazing and is organic) 24 drops
  • Water  (2 cups)

Add the liquids to the jar, cut up an old t-shirt into squares, add to jar, cover and shake!   Then clean your entire house.  It’s so convenient and you feel like a chemist.  Plus you aren’t putting all of those nasty chemicals into your home!   For more on healthy cleaning tips, see my post on Green Cleaning your Home!



Full Disclosure:  I did receive a cute care package from Cleaning Essentials after my last post on Healthy Cleaning Products.  But I already loved and bought their products and it couldn’t have made me love them any more than I already did!    Thank you Cleaning Essentials!


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