Part One:  What is an Instagram Influencer?



Influencers are Instagram users who have an established credibility and audience; who can persuade others by virtue of their trustworthiness and authenticity. Your brand’s influencers are users that employ your brand hashtag who have the largest number of followers.  Instagram Influencer Definition from Pixlee.  

In other words, Instagram Influencers are instagram users (just like you) who have gained an audience.  Instagram Influencers are often called content creators.  

“A Content Creator is someone who is actively creating and publishing original content to an audience on one or more media platforms. “   Content Creator Definition from Content Engine.  

These content creators/influencers sometimes specialize in photography, travel, beauty, fashion, food, fitness, lifestyle, or celebrities sharing their personal lives on Instagram.  This is called their niche. My niche happens to be in the parenting influencer world. That means I create content around my family and children.  

Instagram Influencer’s fan following ranges from one thousand to millions. Content creators with 1000 to 100,000 followers are called micro-influencers.    100,000 and over are called macro influencers.  

Influencers with enticing photos and videos gain a lot of followers, however those with real photos and honest reviews keep their followers.  


Part 2: How to become an Instagram Influencer in 2019?

Becoming an influencer happened to me organically but after making every mistake in the book, I can give you some help along the way.   PS Brittany Hennessey has an amazing book on how to become an Instagram Influencer.  


Step 1: Pick a Instagram name, Pick an Instagram Niche

What are you interested in?  What is your passion in life?  This needs to be authentic. I couldn’t be a fashion, tech or beauty influencer, because I have no interest in any of these niches.   I am fiercely wildly in love with family life. I love everything about childhood and parenting. So I create content around my niche – parenting.   

Name.  This is a harder part these days.  Instagram has been around for almost 10 years.   So you will have to dig hard for a unique wonderful name.    Try to stick with something memorable and simple. Stay away from underscores and numbers.   It’s hard these days, but there are some quality names out there. After you’ve created a name, grab it on every platform if possible.  


Step 2:  Your Instagram Bio is important.  

To become a successful Instagram influencer, the bio should be telling your story in short form.  It should be unique but familiar. You want people to follow you because they like you and like your story.  So tell it to them using fun eye catching emojis and interesting adjectives.    

I like mine short and sweet.  But make sure you include your location and email address in long form.  

mom³ | day dreamer | sandy blondes  💌 Email Address Hilton Head Island, SC ☀️


Step 3: Now comes the fun part!  Create your Instagram content! 

This is honestly the most important step.  Instagram is a visual platform. You want your images to stand out, look cohesive, and be consistently interesting.  This is not easy but there are some hacks out there. I prefer to take all of my images with a DSLR and edit consistently.  But I see so many Instagram Influencers out there killing it with a phone and a set of lightroom presets. I strive to make my Instagram grid look good as a whole and as an individual photo.  You will gain followers by how your grid looks as a whole, but you will keep your followers by each individual photo. I use the Planoly app to test out my grid before I post each image. It’s a good visual draft.  

Captions.  Captions are big and honestly not my strong suit. I’m such an introvert, it’s painful at times.  I often take the easy way out and use song lyrics, pretty quotes and cheesy puns. You shouldn’t do this.  You should write what the photo means to you and why it means this.   

Hashtags.   Instagram has AI and knows what your photos contain.   Don’t try to hack the system, just use 10-15 hashtags on what the image is.   Strive for big hashtags and some more niche hashtags. If I post a beach photograph, I use #beach #sunshine #ocean as my big hashtags.  But I go more local and specific for my niche hashtags, #hiltonheadisland and #beachbabies work for me often. 

Step 4: Publish your content consistently

Publish a new photo every few days at the bare minimum.   If you don’t have any new content, there are some fun free resources like Pexels.   Keep these stock photos to a minimum, but include a personal caption. I like to publish on days that the Instagram Insights show me that most of my followers are online.   You must switch your account to a business account or creator account to see this information.

On days you do not publish a photography, I like to share on Instagram stories.  Short small videos on what we are doing that day. As a parenting influencer, I post most of my stories as Latergrams for safety reasons.  So I just do videos here and there. I also love to share sales and silly parenting memes.  


Step 5: Interact and Engage

It’s called a social network because you are supposed to be social.  Comment on your ideal followers photos, meet people, follow fun accounts.   This is actually my favorite step. Just be a real person. Do you love a dress someone is wearing?   Ask them where they got it. Need some advice on rainy day activities for toddlers? Ask. People are honestly so nice on Instagram.  This will bring people to your account and gather interest in what you are posting and you will gain a fun tribe along the way!  


Part 3:  Coming Soon.  How to monetize your Instagram!  


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