I’m a mom blogger, so it’s widely assumed I know nothing about google analytics, SEO, and pageviews. Daily I am asked by so called SEO experts if they can optimize my mommy blog. But a few times a week, I’m approached by an expert in my Instagram DMs who has a linktree link in bio.   Instagram only allows one link in your bio.  So this link is precious.

This is hilarious to me that so many SEO experts are giving away that link.  I always bite my tongue but I want to tell them that Link Tree or Lynx In Bio are actually hurting your pageviews. You are giving your pageviews away.

I understand the appeal of these easy landing pages.  It allows you to have more than one link in your bio.   It’s brilliant.   But a DIY landing page is so much more beneficial for you!

Why are page views important?

Page views are the standard measurement of blog popularity and traffic in the blogosphere because that’s the statistic online advertisers look at. Each visitor on your blog will view a certain number of pages during their visit. They might see one page then leave, or they might click on link after link viewing a variety of posts, pages and more. Each of the pages or posts that the visitor sees is considered a page view. Advertisers want to know how many page views a blog gets because each page view creates another opportunity for a consumer to see (and possibly click on) the advertiser’s ads.    Pageviews definition from Lifewire.

How to make your own landing page

Seriously it’s very easy.   Go to your WordPress Dashboard.  Go to pages.  Then create new.   Name it something simple, I’m using Links.  So www.faustisland.com/links.     Then simply upload images, banners, or buttons and hyperlink them to your different links.

How to add a new page in wordpress.  

Some suggestions to link

  •  Latest posts
  • Link your Pinterest Page
  • Link your Amazon Influencer Page
  • Link Your Facebook Page.
  • Affiliate Links
  • Products you love
  • Press articles
  • Fun Random Articles

I’ve made so many different buttons over the years, Please feel free to right click any of the following, save and use them!  Freebies are always awesome!

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