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“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”
― Benjamin Franklin

We’ve always been prepared family.  Matthew, Piper and I did a category 4 hurricane in the Caribbean without electricity for weeks and we handled it rather well.   I always joke with Matthew that he could be on one of those reality shows about preppers.  But it’s not a bad thing, in fact its a wonderful thing.   Keeping your family safe is important.

Now, Matthew is a firefighter.   This hasn’t changed his mentality except he’s more educated on keeping us safe.  Education is awesome y’all.

We’ve recently partnered with First Alert Onelink to test out their new amazing 3-in-1 product – smoke & carbon monoxide alarm, premium speaker, and Alexa enabled device.   I’m a gadget lover, anything that can make my life easier – I love.   So I’m so excited she works with the rest of our Alexa enabled home!  Yes, you can talk to Alexa through this amazing product!  It does everything your other Alexa enabled devices do plus she keeps your family safe from smoke and carbon monoxide.  I love a good multi-tasking device that makes our lives easier and more enjoyable

The other part of having a firefighter husband involves long hours away from your family, The Onelink Safe and Sound provides him with peace of mind through remote notifications on his mobile phone.   So even when we are all away from home, it’s got us covered.

The most fun feature is the amazing speaker function.  You can play all of the k-pop, gangster rap, or classic rock with this alarm system.  Crazy right.    Oli is loving talking to it on his daddy’s big shoulders, it’s super cute.

Oh and if you are afraid of the dark or have toddlers who are, it has a nightlight!

Onelink Safe & Sound is such an amazing little game changer for your home.   Learn more about Onelink Safe & Sound HERE.  

A great set up tip is to DOWNLOAD the App first, before you install.  It walks you through installation.   We did it the opposite and had to wait for the router to restart after cutting the power for installation.  I was antsy excited to play with it, those few minutes were excruciating.   





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