Five-minute crafts are crowd pleasers with toddlers!    We were recently given 4 golden tickets for free Halo Top pints of all-natural low calorie high protein yummy ice cream.  Dreamy right?    Oli and I don’t agree on much.  He likes to scribble on the wall, I like the scribbles on paper.  I like bedtime, he jumps on the bed.  But the one thing that we do agree on is the PISTACHIO ice cream is the best y’all!

I have to keep Oli occupied when Daddy leaves for work, when the baby is going to sleep, or when Piper is trying to do her homework.    My favorite things to do with him are cute upcycled crafts.  Today we made a birdfeeder out of that yummy pistachio ice cream pint container!

Step One:  Eat the Halo Top Ice Cream.  Eat it all and don’t feel guilty, there are only 240 calories.

Step Two:  Clean out the ice cream pint.

Step Three:  Cut four slits in the pint container near the top, see photo below.

Step Four:  Fold them back.

Step Five:  Poke a hole in the top and bottom of the ice cream pint container.

Step Six:  String a piece of yarn through the container.

Step Seven:  Add Birdseed.

Step Eight:  Hang by a window and watch!

Step Nine:  Optional – but buy more Halo Top Ice Cream.


Any other great ideas to do with the pint containers?  I have three more to eat, so I need some ideas!


This post was not sponsored, but I did get free Halo Top ice cream and nothing beats free Halo Top ice cream. 



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