Friday night Piper and I went to see the late showing of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.  We had to help Matt get the boys settled in and then snuck away.  It was an amazing movie by the way!    Saturday was our first saturday without a soccer game (football match) and I was so excited to sleep in.  Well as excited as you can get with two babies under two.   So when Oli woke up before the sun rose, I grabbed the iPad and turned on our old friend Netflix.  Don’t judge, you know you want to as well.

I was scanning through netflix looking for Beat Bugs, (I’ve already blogged on my Beat Bug Love here) and the bright colors from Kazoops caught my sleepy eyes.   So I turned it on and fell in love.  The folksy music, adorable patterns, cheeky British accents, and sweet story lines are so fun.

I was pleased to learn about the show developers and their desire to focus on critical thinking skills through imaginative play.  Kazoops is based on the information from child development experts, that creative play helps kids learn critical thinking skills.


Kazoops follows the adventures of six-year-old Monty and his best friend /  pig, Jimmy Jones.    Monty has a wild imagination and uses it to creatively solve problems.  The whole show has a glass half full feel to it that I just adore.


Patrick Egerton, executive producer at Cheeky Little Media, commented: “Music pervades Kazoops at all levels, and not just because each episode contains a unique song.  The seed of the series concept came from our song writer and performer Scott Langley. He had written these amazing songs about a boy and a pig who went on imaginary journeys. When we heard how ‘grown-up’ the music was, and how clever and funny Scott’s lyrics were, we knew we had the start of something cool for a pre-school audience. The songs are key to the show, and give us these visually rich adventures at the centre of each episode that are crucial to the story but can also stand alone as mini-music videos in their own right.”

The music has got to be the best part of the cartoon.   In every episode is a music video with a unique song .  The songs touch on a variety of genres that will appeal to both children and us parents with  guitars, ukuleles, drums,  retro synths, string vocals and more.

From bright happy colors, to positive upbeat themes, to imaginative problem solving, to amazing music that you won’t mind listening to over and over, Kazoops is one of the best cartoons out there.


You can view Kazoops on Netflix in US and Canada.