This post was sponsored by Crest, but all opinions are my own (and the boys own).  


Getting kids to brush their teeth can be a chore.    I hate yelling at my kids and I’m sure most other parents do too.   One of the top 7 recommendations from the American

Dental Association to parents like us facing this challenge is for them to actually go shopping with their kids and letting them pick out their favorite flavors, colors and accessories.   Kid’s Crest is helping with this by creating fun flavors! We tested Bubble Gum and Strawberry. Both boys picked Strawberry, but big sister loved Bubble Gum. You have to watch the video below of Oli unboxing his cute Kid’s Crest box.   The confetti was everywhere and he decided the Strawberry made his smile brighter.

It doesn’t matter what flavor your team picks,  the new Crest Kid’s toothpaste flavors offer cavity protection with fluoride combined with the fun flavors that helped get my kids excited to brush.  The kid-tested and approved mild gel cavity protection formula is gentle on their tooth enamel and the easy-to-squeeze tube means less mess at the bathroom sink.   Crest Kid’s toothpaste is recommended for kids 2 and above with proper supervision. Crest Kid’s is available at your local stores, right next to your toothpaste!


Some Other Fun Ideas to Help Get Your Kids to Brush Their Teeth –

Find a fun 2 minute song that your kids love.   Can I suggest “I’m Happy Just to Dance with You” by the Beatles?     My kids love it and I always sing it to them in my hairbrush.  

The Classic Sticker Chart Works.  Generations and generations of parents aren’t wrong.  Offer them a fun prize when they fill up the chart.

Brush with your kids, this gives the added benefit of observing and gently correcting their brushing methods.

You should stop by your closest Kroger and pick them up today!

Thank you Crest for this fun opportunity to taste test such a wonderful product!