This post was sponsored by Popchips, but all opinions are always my own!  

We moved and have had the flu these last two weeks and we almost forgot about the big game.   Matthew and the boys love football, so that would have been a tragedy in our house.    Piper and I love the Puppybowl and commercials.  So there’s something for all of us.    We couldn’t go to our normal Big Game Party this year because we don’t want to pass on the flu, so we are celebrating at home.     Luckily we enjoy each other and are looking forward to a fun game.

One thing we can all agree on is snacks and we love Popchips.    Popchips are popped potato chips, it sounds so crazy doesn’t it.  But they have a wonderful process of pressurizing the potato until they pop.   Popchips are never fried, so they aren’t greasy and filmy.   After they are popped, they give them a quick spritz of good oleic oil and sprinkle with amazing spices.     The result are the best snack ever!     You can also snack happier because they are lighter, healthier and better tasting than your normal potato chip.   They even tend to taste more potatoier than normal chips, (Is that a word?).

With flavors like Tangy Barbecue, Sea Salt and Vinegar, Sweet Potato and Buffalo Ranch, everyone will be happy!

So my first last minute tip for enjoying the big game is grabbing the right snack, Popchips!   The right snack makes everything better, even football and fun commercials.  

Drinks!   Have a fun variety of sodas and other beverages and plenty of ice.

Toys!  We have two toddlers with toddler sized attention spans so we have a basket full of sports themed toys to the side of our television.  We wouldn’t want to miss a touchdown while a cute toddler had a meltdown from boredom!

Have fun with it!  We don’t take sports too seriously at our house.  Sports are fun.   We enjoy touchdown dance parties and loud cheering.

Whoever you are rooting for tonight, don’t forget the fun snacks.    You will totally be the MVP of your Big Game Party with Popchips!!