Mayday!  It’s May y’all.   It’s beautiful outside and the island jasmine is blooming everywhere!   This year is flying by,  (let’s hope the next 4 years do – am I right?)    I’ve been a slacker here lately.  The boys were sickos last week and I got so behind (in life in general).  But I’m back, and they feel better!

Eating –  Cauliflower.  It’s so versatile.  I need to post a few new recipes using it.  Oh and Halo Top Ice Cream.  I need to think of a fun upcycling project to do with the ice cream pints.

Drinking – I’m on an herbal tea kick.  Tea Time.  Oh and of course, Zevia!

Listening –  James Arthur – Say you won’t Let Go – I suspect it reminds a few people of their love story.  Matthew used to hold my hair back, now he takes the kid to school and brings me coffee.  I want to live with him, even when we’re ghosts.

Reading –  All about homeschooling.  I won’t even attempt it with the brilliant 10 year old.  But I can homeschool preschool the boys right?

Milo – laughs and laughs and laughs.  Such a joyful little bub.   

Oli – completed the alphabet puzzle with me yesterday, minimal help.  He’s adorably curious, but he’s still biting Milo.

Pip – has a stressful next month, but we decided she’s old enough for sleep away camp.  She has something wonderfully fun to look forward to!

Watching  – Anxiously awaiting episode 4 of The Handmaid’s Tale on Hulu.   So far, they’ve done Margaret Atwood proud.

Loving – GOOGLE Home, the curious little gadget I didn’t know I needed.

Wishing –  My new lens would arrive sooner.  I hate paying for shipping, so I chose the slow free shipping.   I got the 35 art, eeeeeeeeeeeeek.   I’ve never bought a third party lens, but my brother in law is a filmmaker and he loves Sigma.  So I’m doing it!   

Using –  Aveda Cooling Balancing Oil Concentrate.  The skeptic in me hates that it’s keeping my headaches away.  But Matt made a great observation, smells cause me to have migraines – why can’t a smell stop it?  It made sense to my sleep deprived brain.   After the last one, I’m so tempted to go have my daith pierced – even though I know that’s total poppycock too.  Piercing a pressure point won’t stop migraines?  Will it?

Thinking –  Wes Anderson’s new film looks amazing, judging by the cast list!  I heart Bill Murray.

Snippets –