Melissa and Doug toys have been some of my favorites since Piper was a baby, 10 whole years ago.  The wooden puzzles and abacus toy we bought all of those years ago still look brand new!  Toys that can be handed down are always a big hit at our house.   We’ve bought numerous Melissa and Doug toys for cousins and friends kids too, that too have since been handed down.

Melissa and Doug are starting a movement to take back childhood and I’m so in.   Kids need to play.  There will be plenty of time for flashcards and math lessons as they get older.  Right now Oli is in the curious terror phase, and the only cure for the curious terror is to engage him in imaginative play.  In fact a recent study has shown the many connections between cognitive competence and high-quality pretend play.  So let’s play pretend and grow some smart kids!   #takebackchildhood

This is the boys Santa List from Melissa and Doug…….


developmental toys baby



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