“Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall.” F. Scott Fitzgerald

I’ve never really been into this season, fall or autumn.  We are summer people, but this year is different.   I’m excited.  I bought sweaters and vests.  I’m craving basic pumpkin spiced drinks and I want to dye my hair some dark dreamy color like auburn.

Eating –  We’ve had a cold respiratory thing, so I’ve been slacking on the IF / Keto.  Matt made the best home made pizza earlier. Do y’all think I could get him to dad blog a pizza recipe?

Drinking –   Hot Chai Tea, I wish it had whiskey.  But nope, just tea.

Listening –    I love the Dear Winter song by AJR but I totally change the words to Dear Piper.  

Reading –    Educated by Tara Westover.  Everyone has been raving about it, so I’m just now picking it up.

Matthew –  Still kicking ass at the firestation.

Milo –  Is so excited for Halloween.

Oli – isn’t loving soccer, but he’s giving it a good effort.  We will probably go back to ballet or gymnastics in the spring.

Pip –  is a kind human and I adore who she is becoming. I’m learning to respect the fact that she wants nothing to do with social media.

Watching  – Schitt’s Creek Forever.   Ewwww. David.

Loving –   My 2020 blog goals.  I’m going in a new eco-friendly direction and I’m starting now.

Wishing –    For a few more hours in the day.

Using –  my 24-70mm lens from Canon.  I cannot get enough of her.  She’s so sharp.

Thinking –   about doing the 30 day blogging challenge in November.  Writing 300-500 words every day to make myself a stronger writer. Oh and what in the world am I going to get these kids for Christmas?

Looking Forward To –   Trick or Treating, duh.

Snippets –

Amber Faust 2020 Mom Blogger Travel
Faust Boys at the Coastal Discovery Museum, Hilton Head Island, South Carolina.
Amber Faust Hilton Head Island Mom Blog
Oli and Milo at Mitchellville Freedom Park.
Mom Blogger 2020 South Carolina
Milo on top of the hay bales at Cahills in Bluffton SC.
Amber Faust South Carolina Mom Blogger 2020
Oli and Milo Pumpkin Patch 2019
Mom Blogger 2020 Amber Faust
Faust Boys in Front of Cahills Market. Bluffton SC