Hello August!!  July flew by y’all!

Eating – Healthy.  I’m on a health food kick again, thanks to the Chicago Now Immersion Blogger Event I attended last week.  More on that soon!

Drinking –  Tea & Water.  I’m kicking the soda habit.

Listening – At the moment, If you’re happy and you know it.  But I’ve been on a Matisyahu kick.

Reading – I picked up a Man Called Ove at the airport and I love it so far.  People have layers.  I love grumpy old Ove so far.  

Milo – is walking and running.  Life is messier.   

Oli – is having full conversations.  I love him.   He may start blogging soon.

Pip – started a gaming youtube channel.  She’s been in Speech Therapy for a while.  I think this is an awesome way to practice those strategies.  You should give her a thumbs up!

Watching  –  Just finished season two of Mr. Robot.  I’m not ready to come down from that high and start something new.

Loving – FINFIRST!   Jason at Fin First is helping me with art work for my blog.

Wishing –  For a longer summer.  Piper starts school in 2 weeks.

Thinking –  about travel. I want to be a travel mom blogger when I grow up.

Looking Forward To – Our Disney Trip in September!  I’m going to blog Oli’s first haircut from Disney World!

Snippets – 

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